U-Haul Driver Whose License Was Suspended 16 Times Strikes Bronx Teen, Boy In Critical Condition

Global Grind

[ione_ndn_embed video_id= 28718017]

The driver of a U-Haul truck who struck a Bronx teenager early Friday morning as he walked across the street, critically injuring him, was high at the time of the accident, police say.

Efrain Rodriguez has also had his license suspended at least 16 times in the past, CBS reports. The 36-year-old took methadone before stealing the truck and hitting 17-year-old Amary Milan at the intersection of Southern Boulevard and Barretto Street. In the graphic video above, Rodriguez hits the teen with such force that he flies across the road, landing on his head. The truck then veers into a parked silver Honda Civic.

From CBS:

“When he went to go cross, that truck right there, it was going too fast. Right when the kid went to go look at the truck — boom! The kid just flew,” witness Christine Bonaparte told CBS2’s Meg Baker. “When I came…

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