Meanwhile, In Racism: Four Florida Police Officers Lose Their Job Over Racially-Charged Video & Text Messages

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Three cops have been fired and one resigned after their involvement in a racially-charged video was discovered. According to the reports, there were also racist text messages involved.

MSNBC reports:

The video uses the n-word, shows images of Ku Klux Klan hoods and features a derogatory image of President Obama. It is produced to appear like a movie trailer, with flashy title screens and dramatic music.

The Fort Lauderdale, Florida police officers who were fired have been identified as James Wells, Jason Holding and Christopher Sousa and the one who resigned, Alex Alvarez, was the officer who created the video.

During a press conference held on Friday, Police Chief Frank Adderley blasted the officers’ behavior:

Adderley called the cops’ behavior “inexcusable,” adding, “there is zero tolerance for this type of behavior within the Fort Lauderdale Police Department.” Adderley said there was no criminal behavior found in an internal affairs…

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