R&B Singer Michel’le Claims Dr. Dre Gave Her Five Black Eyes During Their Relationship

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Talk about love is pain…

Back in 2013, singer and R&B Divas LA star Michel’le revealed that ex-boyfriend, Dr. Dre, was abusive to her during their six-year relationship in the 1990s. Now, she’s sharing more details on their volatile relationship, via an interview with The Breakfast Club – and the new revelations are pretty horrific.

Check out some of the highlights below. For more from Michel’le, you can watch the full interview above.

On Dr. Dre’s abusive behavior:

I tried [fist fighting] but I was losing. I had five black eyes, I have a cracked rib, I have scars that are just amazing. It was normal. Everybody that knew, it was the norm. No [I never called the police]. He used his fist, closed fist.

He  hasn’t apologized to this day and it wouldn’t do any good because it’s the past. We’re past that.

But I…

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