Lil Wayne Lashes Out At Beer Bottle-Throwing ‘White Boy’ Fan During Performance

The Urban Daily

Lil Wayne Source: Prince Williams / Getty

Lil Wayne is having a tough year. Ever since recent news of a rift with his longtime label, Cash Money and his mentor, Birdman, Weezy can’t seem to catch a break.

While fans are still waiting for definitive news on the final Carter album, Wayne is making the rounds performing cuts from his Sorry 4 The Wait 2 mixtape. At a show in Ft. Lauderdale over the weekend, he was doing just that when a fan threw a beer bottle at him while onstage.

Weezy lashed out, saying, “Before I get started, somebody threw a motherf***ing beer at me. I know it was a motherf***ing white boy because ni**as don’t drink no f***ing beer.” After Wayne made the announcement from the stage, one of his dedicated fans took the matter upon himself and retaliated with a bevy of punches for the guy who lobbed the brew.

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