Ludacris Tells GQ He Can Still “Destroy Any MC” Out There

The Urban Daily

KIIS FM's Wango Tango 2010 - Show Source: Michael Tullberg / Getty

Throughout his career, Ludacris carried on a friendly rivalry with T.I., sent subliminal shots at Big Sean and Drake on “Bada Boom,” and even earned a repudiation from Barack Obama after dissing Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and George W. Bush on a mixtape cut. There’s documented evidence of his appreciation for competition. So when GQ asked Luda about having not dropped a full, studio album since 2010’s Battle Of The Sexes and today’s new crop of rappers, the Atlanta all-purpose entertainer welcomed the challenge.

“I’m always trying to stay one step ahead,” Ludacris told GQ’s Sam Schube. “Not only am I competing against people that started around the same time as me, but I’m competing against all the new kids, too. So that’s why I gotta continue to show that I will destroy any f–king MC that you think is…

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