Chris Tucker’s Coming To Netflix: 6 Times He Was At His Funniest

The Urban Daily

'Silver Lining Playbook' Portraits - 2012 Toronto International Film Festival Source: Matt Carr / Getty

From the early ’90s to about a decade onwards, comedian Chris Tucker was on top of the world. His high-pitched and high-speed style of comedy branded him an appealing comedic foil in many a movie. But now he’s looking to make his way back into the spotlight proper with an upcoming Netflix-produced stand-up special.

After the world was introduced to Smokey in the first Friday movie back in 1995, his star took off in a huge way and led him to co-star in the Rush Hour trilogy, his biggest franchise ever, with Jackie Chan. It’s reported that he was paid $20 and $25 million for Rush Hours 2 & 3 respectively and even received 20% of those film’s box offices grosses.

Tucker has been relatively quiet since then, only taking a supporting role in the 2012 dramedy Silver Linings Playbook, but after pulling in $45 million for…

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