What Are We Going To Do With The N-Word?

The Urban Daily

The N Word Source: TotallyPic.com / Getty

Conversations about the N-word can be tiresome. Should we say it? Can White people say it? Will it always have hurtful connotations attached to it? Is it really a term of endearment? Can it ever be completely reclaimed? The endless stream of questions go on and on.

Recently, there has been debate over whether the N-word should be said on the new and successful television show, Empire. There are those who think it should be used and there are those who think it should never be used on television – both camps filled with actors and actresses in the show, as well as fans of the show.

I have been watching Empire with a critical eye, as I often do when I watch television. The scholar in me finds many things problematic in the show. It is a Black-centered show, but that does not absolve…

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