You Need To See These 11 Scary Quotes From GOP Presidential Candidate Sen. Ted Cruz

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Ted CruzTexas Sen. Ted Cruz on Monday became the first Republican presidential candidate to declare himself in the race.

The declaration is not much to snuff at because of ideas peddled by the Tea Party darling, which are nothing short of xenophobic. You may remember how he and his henchmen held federal workers hostage for nearly 16 days during the partial government shutdown in 2013 in an effort to defund Obamacare. He is clueless about climate change and thinks Chocolate City is not part of America.

Good luck with all of that, Ted, especially if Hillary Clinton declares as a Democratic presidential candidate. Her husband would love to return to the White House as First Man Bill Clinton.

Here are 10 ridiculous Cruz quotes that you need to see. After all, this man may run our country one day.

That was painful to write.

Ted CruzHe tried to stunt on Obamacare:


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