Pennsylvania Cop Charged With Homicide After Shooting Unarmed Motorist

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A Pennsylvania police officer who shot an unarmed man she stopped over an expired inspection sticker was charged with criminal homicide on Tuesday, the Washington Post reports.

Lisa Mearkle, 36, shot 59-year-old David Kassick twice in the back as he lay on the ground. During the February traffic stop, Kassick attempted to run away before Mearkle stunned him with a Taser in her left hand. With a gun in her right hand, Mearkle shot Kassick dead.

On Tuesday, Dauphin District Attorney Ed Marsico said that the deadly force wasn’t justified. Her lawyer, however, disagrees.

The Washington Post reports:

Mearkle’s attorney Brian Perry argued the officer acted in self-defense. “She felt like she had to do what she did,” Perry told the Associated Press. “This person was being commanded, begged, ‘show me your hands,’ and he kept going to his waist.”

“At the time Officer Mearkle fires both rounds from her pistol, the…

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