50 Cent Says, “I Had The Aura Of Somebody You Should Shoot.”

The Urban Daily

2013 Los Angeles Film Festival - 'Tapia' Premiere Source: Amanda Edwards / Getty

The May 24, 2000 shooting that left 50 Cent clinging to his life has been well documented. The rapper, actor, and entrepreneur has previously named Darryl “Hommo” Baum as the alleged triggerman in songs like “Many Men.” During an interview with Deepak Chopra as part of Chopra’s “Love In Action” series, 50 Cent revisited the attempt on his life and the dynamics at play.

“Someone was paid to shoot me because I don’t follow instructions,” 50 said. “When I have an idea, I kind of go after my idea… The things that I got myself into prior to that made me have the aura of somebody you should actually shoot if you’re going to keep telling them not to do something.”

The interview, which you can freely preview via NewswireFM, also features 50 Cent revisiting the decision to sell his music publishing for $80,000…

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