Dr. Dre Shares Details On ‘N.W.A.’ Biopic, Working With Snoop Dogg, Making Amends With Eazy E & More

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Fans of the former rap group N.W.A. are at the edges of their seats as they await for the biopic, Straight Outta Compton, to hit theaters, and now we’re getting some more details on the movie.

Dr. Dre recently visited Big Boy’s Neighborhood radio show, where he talked about the upcoming film, and what he wants fans to take away from it.

He told the host:

““I hope they can be inspired. That was the main word that we used when we went into this. We wanted to be inspirational. We wanted to show just the ultimate brotherhood. Betrayal. It has everything. We really wanted to get across how we feel about women because there’s a big misconception.”

Dre also details how he initially had worries about doing the film, which he thought could potentially “put a blemish on our legacy.”


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