Sneak Peak: Karrueche Tran Opens Up About Rihanna Love Triangle, Chris Brown’s Behavior, & More In OWN Interview

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Iyanla VanzantKarrueche Tran‘s highly anticipated sit down is almost here in full, but in the meantime, we have sneak peak clips from the OWN interview.

Set to air today, Karrueche opens up to the life coach about her high-profile relationship with Chris Brown. Tran said of his behavior:

I know what I saw, and I know how I wanted to react, and how I wanted to treat the relationship or treat him. I wanted to love him, because that’s what he needs. Love.

Iyanla then begins her own analysis of their situationship, stating that it’s a “classic mistake that women make… that it is our responsibility to heal a man’s wounds and damage.”

Karrueche admits to being naive about Chris & Rihanna being an item, supposedly believing that they were just friends throughout it all.

She then opens up about her dirty laundry being aired on social media

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