Muhammad Ali Is On Manny Pacquiao’s Side For The Big Fight

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Floyd Mayweather has a lot of people on his side for his upcoming superfight against Manny Pacquiao. To the surprise of a few, Muhammad Ali isn’t one of them.

Ali and Mayweather are both known for their cocksureness, but The Greatest prefers Pacquiao because of his personality, according to Rasheda Ali. He’s actually a big fan.

“He knows Manny’s a great fighter,” Rasheda said. “But it’s more about what he does outside the ring. He’s such a charitable person.”

As for the similarities between Ali and Mayweather, it’s well known that the former was an activist — he lost some of his career because of it. Mayweather, on the other hand, is also known for his domestic disputes.

“My dad stood for things,” Rasheda said. “Mayweather … I don’t think there’s a comparison.”

Ali won’t be in Las Vegas, but he’ll be there in spirit when…

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So This Happened: This Ohio Woman Stabbed Her Boyfriend After He Ate All Of Her Salsa

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Phyllis D. Jefferson Mugshot

Double-dipping is a rule for a reason.

And no, we’re not talking germs, but we are talking personal safety. Take it from this Akron, Ohio woman who stabbed her boyfriend because he ate all of her salsa.

Sharing is caring, people.

Here’s how it went down. According to WKYC, 61-year-old Ronnie D. Buckner was eating chips and salsa with his girlfriend, 50-year-old Phyllis D. Jefferson, when he finished off the dip.

That didn’t sit too well with Jefferson, who then stabbed Buckner in the pelvis with a pen.

But it didn’t end there.

According to WKYC:

She then walked over to the television and was going to knock it on the floor. As he grabbed the television, she walked into the kitchen and grabbed a knife and proceeded to cut him in the stomach.

That’s when police say Jefferson ran out and drove off in a vehicle before…

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The Game Really Went Mike Tyson On A Player During A Basketball Game

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The Game at "The Documentary" 10th Anniversary Party And Concert Source: Chelsea Lauren / Getty

Just over a week after getting a tattoo of Mike Tyson inked into his hand, Compton rapper The Game really imitated the former heavyweight champ during a recent game of ball in Hollywood.

According to reports on TMZ, The Game took part in a Pro-Am basketball game at a Hollywood High School this past Sunday (March 29), when he got into a “heated” argument with another player.

The publication says that The Game allegedly threatened to kill him, before punching him in the face and then splitting from the scene.

The victim has allegedly filed a report and the police are now investigating the incident as a battery.

Check out The Game’s latest tatt below.

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Zoe Kravitz Covers Complex, Talks Eating Disorder, Growing Up Famous, & Flirting With Drake

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Thank you @complex !! |

A post shared by Zoë Kravitz (@zoeisabellakravitz) on

Zoe Kravitz has always been a bit mysterious. After all, that’s kind of the central theme of the Kravitz/Bonet family – while Zoe, Lenny, and Lisa are all ridiculously famous and good-looking, they somehow maintain an aloof sense of cool and secrecy – they’re the in-crowd, and we’re their adoring fans.

But in her recent interview with Complex, Zoe is opening up more than ever before. The actress/singer, who recently threw down with her band Lolawolf at SXSW and will be appearing in the new Divergent film, revealed she’s felt the same pressure as everyone else to fit in, including suffering from insecurities and an eating disorder.

The 26-year-old beauty can be seen posing in seductive leather bondage gear in the magazine’s accompanying spread – but this is so much better than 50 Shades. And…

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Mother Charged After 1-Year-Old Son Found Dead In NYC Restaurant Bathroom, Claims Devil Made Her Do It

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A New York City mother has been arrested and charged after authorities found her locked inside the restroom of a busy Manhattan restaurant with her unconscious 1-year-old boy.

The boy, identified as Gavriel Ortiz-Fisher, was foaming at the mouth when he was recovered and later died, police said. The woman, 35-year-old Latisha Fisher, was arrested at the 5 Boro Burger at 976 Avenue of the Americas after a restaurant worker went to check on her, used a key to enter the bathroom, and stumbled upon the grisly scene.

According to the New York Times, an employee of the restaurant attempted to perform CPR on the toddler, but Fisher blocked him. She was taken to the Midtown South Precinct station, where she reportedly told authorities the devil made her do it, the NY Daily News reports.

“I would describe her as soulless,” a law enforcement official said when asked…

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R&B Singer Michel’le Says Dr. Dre Once Pulled A Gun On Her & It Missed Her By Inches

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R&B singer Michel’le made headlines last week, as she shared her story with intense details of how abusive Dr. Dre allegedly was during their previous relationship.

The R&B Divas star claimed that the hip-hop mogul had given her 5 black eyes, and many more injuries from the violence, and now she’s revealing another horrific detail.

While speaking with VladTV, Michel’le claims that Dre once pulled a gun on her after the two got into a very heated argument, and missed her by just a few inches while she was running to the bathroom.

She also says that he didn’t pull a gun on her just to scare her, but believes he had the intent on hitting her with a bullet. Apparently, she left the bullet in the wall, as a reminder to him of what had happened.

See the full interview from Michel’le…

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De La Soul Follow’s TLC’s Lead + Uses Kickstarter To Fund Album

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De La Soul Source: Steven Dewall / Getty

De La Soul has been quietly working on a new album, but now they are looking to their fans to help them with the rest. The rap trio just launched a Kickstarter campaign to finish things up.

From Kickstarter:

What we’ve done is created our own crates of records; album upon albums to mine and sample from. In our world, what we’ve created is freedom, freedom to make the art you believe in without having to compromise your vision. That’s what we’ve always wanted most, that’s what we’ve always believed in, that’s what we’ve fought for, and that’s why we’re doing this Kickstarter with you.

We’re crowdfunding it to help pay for recording, mixing, marketing, and everything else. Your support will keep us in the studio, help us continue to sample and manipulate the music we’ve recorded, will help us get additional production work done; and will help us…

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Are Deputies In This San Francisco Jail Forcing Black & Latino Inmates Into “Gladiator-Style” Fight Clubs?

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Four San Francisco sheriff’s deputies were placed on administrative leave and are currently under investigation after a public defender accused them of forcing Black and Latino inmates into “gladiator-style” fight clubs, CNN reports.

On Thursday, Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi asked the U.S. Justice Department to investigate after the city’s public defender, Jeff Adachi, accused White deputies of coercing the inmates — all men of color — to fight each other or risk facing torture. The deputies reportedly placed bets on the brutal matches.

In one incident, an inmate identified as Ricardo Palikiko Garcia was forced to fight an inmate twice his size.

According to CNN:

Adachi interviewed the victims, who were being held at the Hall of Justice, including inmate Garcia. “Deputy’s betting against me and forcing me to fight and if I don’t fight, then he’s basically telling me that he was going to beat me up…

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“Game Of Thrones” Beauty Nathalie Emmanuel Reveals Which Castmate She Would Date In GQ Interview

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Nathalie Emmanuel GQ

She landed herself a recurring role on Game of Thrones, and now she’s cemented her place in style with a feature in GQ Magazine.

Nathalie Emmanuel isn’t just a pretty face, she does her homework and studies up on Missandei when she’s not busy playing her on your television screen. Posing in nothing but a cream bodysuit by Alaia, Emmanuel talks learning the ins-and-outs of her character.

“I feel like if she was to have any weapon,” the English actress muses, “it would be a bow and arrow. She’s so mathematical and particular and still. But from what I understand from my research on Missandei and the people of Naath…”

Emmanuel also dishes on why she’d date Richard Madden’s Robb Stark, her Game of Thrones co-star. Check out the playful video below.

For more from Nathalie Emmanuel, pick up the April issue of GQ Magazine. You can also catch her…

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50 Cent Clowns French Montana And Diddy… Montana Fires Back

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50 Cent & Josh Lucas Visit 'Extra' Source: D Dipasupil / Getty

50 Cent and French Montana used Instagram as a platform for their jokes this weekend. The two rappers aimed at one another with bars and photos.

50 posted a photograph of French and Diddy laying next to one another. His caption?

“What in the #EFFENVODKA world is going on in this picture man. 😳 SOMETHINGS not right.#SMSAUDIO #FRIGO.”

Montana fired back with his own post. His caption was “Stop!!!! Legendary !!”

In 2012, Montana said 50 Cent’s many beefs hurt the Queens emcee.

“I feel like beef hurt him. I feel like it helped Ross unite people,” Montana said, according to MTV. “That’s why Maybach Music is one of the biggest labels. It just makes sense…Of course, Ross is on his fifth album. And like I said, he’s only getting bigger. This is going to be Ross’ first platinum album. He never went platinum. So when 50…

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